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DLX OnRamp. The industry's most accurate 1st party data solution.

Retain loyal customers

Convert any CRM file into a targetable digital audience

You simply provide the data and we find your customers online so you can reach them across display, video, mobile and social. After we convert your CRM files into an anonymous online audience, we can fulfill it to your choice of media partners, including Facebook and Twitter.

Aquire new customers

Reach consumers who spend like your best customers

Looking to increase your brand’s market share? Tap into our exclusive $2 trillion database of consumer-spending behavior to build a new “spend-alike” audience that mirrors the buying behaviors, demographics and financial attributes of your top customers.

Measure what matters

See your true offline sales impact with DLX ROI

Now you can close the loop on digital campaigns: Datalogix gives you the ability to measure online ad impressions back to offline sales. With our scale and granularity, you get metrics that reveal actionable insights.

DLX in Action

Read how leading brands are ramping up sales with DLX OnRamp:

“We’ve tested many 1st party data solutions and DLX OnRamp is by far the most accurate solution available. These guys invented the practice four years ago and have the most experience in turning offline CRM files into digital audiences.”

– Megan Pagliuca, GM Digital Media, Merkle

How it works

You provide the data, DLX does the rest:

  1. Deliver customer file to DLX.
  2. DLX matches and converts the file into an anonymous online audience.
  3. DLX fulfills your digital audience to the media source or data platform of your choice.
  4. Advertiser has the option to measure back to sales at the end of the campaign.