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Need to reach pet owners? SUV drivers? Green consumers?

The Datalogix 1,800 pre-built online audiences leverage the power of purchase-based data, rich demographics and deep financial insights to give you the confidence you’re reaching your target audience.

DLX Auto powered by Polk®

Reach audiences in market, max in market, near market & likely vehicle owners

Examples: Vehicle Style, Vehicle Make & Model


Reach category, brand or product-level consumer packaged goods buyers

Examples: Petcare, Naturals & Organics, Allergy Products

DLX Demo

Reach demographic-based audiences from consistently top-ranked AGI (age/gender/income) offline data sources

Examples: Homeowner Status, Presence of Children, Charitable Donor

DLX Finance

Reach audiences based on income, credit status, net worth & more from industry-best offline sources

Examples: Est. Net Worth, Home Value, Credit Card Buyers

DLX Lifestyles

Reach audiences based on their interests, preferences & activities

Examples: Soccer Moms, Green Consumers, Sports Fans

DLX Philanthropy

Reach audiences based on charitable donations

Examples: Environment, International relief, Family & human services

DLX Retail

Reach audiences across any retail category & product

Examples: Children Product Buyers, Home Renovation Buyers, Gift Card Buyers

DLX Seasonals

Reach audiences based on each season’s biggest areas of spend

Examples: Spring apparel buyers, Football fans and Outdoor entertainers

DLX Subscription Services

Reach known subscribers of ongoing services including cable TV, online higher education & more

Examples: Online Higher Education, Satellite TV


Reach TV viewing audiences based on the shows, networks & genres they watch most

Examples: comedy, talk shows, food & cooking