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One channel or two. The choice is up to you.

Evolve your current display strategies into highly targeted online advertising with point-of-sale measurement. It’s CRM online.

DLX Focus

Target using the DLX Database or let us convert your own CRM database into an online audience. DLX will serve display advertising to your target, and measure back to online and offline sales.

DLX Cross Channel

Deliver a truly integrated experience. Enhance your current direct mail campaign by serving online display ads to your DM recipients during the purchase window. Measure based on the incremental sales lift that is achieved through cross-channel messaging to your customers.

DLX Focus & Cross-Channel are two solutions that will transform your lifecycle marketing strategies:


Let us find your best prospects by modeling your current customers and finding those who spend just like them. We’ll create a custom prospect audience that can be fully measured, and is far more cost effective than direct mail acquisitions.


Whether you’re trying to up-sell, cross-sell or just reinforce brand loyalty, DLX will find and serve those customers with ads online. Increase response rates of traditional offline communications by adding online advertising to create a cross-channel experience for your customers.

Win-back Lapsed Customers:

Don’t let a good customer slip through the cracks. Deploy win-back strategies online to get those declining customers reengaged with your brand.

At the start of each digital media campaign, we assign a dedicated DLX Account Manager and cross capability team. From strategy, to final analysis, our team will partner with you to ensure flawless execution.