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Datalogix helps marketers address those consumers who are most likely to be interested in their products and services. Our services allow marketers to efficiently provide consumers with the most relevant messaging, special offers, and discounts.

This Privacy Policy describes how Datalogix gathers and uses data to inform its services. The Privacy Policy applies across channels including direct mail, online, and mobile and to the Datalogix website. The Policy does not apply to the practices of third parties.

Datalogix is a member of the Direct Marketing Association (“DMA”), Interactive Advertising Bureau (“IAB”), Digital Advertising Alliance (“DAA”) and Network Advertising Initiative (“NAI”). Datalogix adheres to the DAA’s Self-Regulatory Principles for Online Behavioral Advertising and is annually assessed by the NAI.

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Notice of the Types of Data Collected

Datalogix receives data from consumer marketing companies & data compilers. This data consists of Personally Identifiable Information (“PII”) and Attributes. PII includes name, postal address, and email address. Attributes include demographic and behavioral information, such as past purchases. Datalogix does not collect or use sensitive information such as Social Security numbers, credit card numbers, or banking information.

Datalogix may receive PII (e.g., name, address, email) about you when you provide this information to us through We may use this information to respond to your requests or inquiries. Datalogix may also receive non–PII (e.g., pages viewed, browser type, time and date of visits) from visitors to this website. We may use this data to operate our website, improve visitors’ experience to the website, to identify or remediate possible threats to the website’s security, and for other operational and management purposes.

How Data is Used

Data is used for various purposes including creating audiences that are grouped together based on shared interests or preferences (e.g., Green Consumers, Sports Fans, and Natural & Organics), and to measure the effectiveness of ad campaigns. Data used to create online audiences is de-identified, helping ensure that neither the ad server nor Datalogix’ cookies (see below for more information on cookies) contain any PII.

Datalogix may also collect or receive information about consumers’ visits to websites and information regarding advertising exposure (“web log data”). Web log data may include browser type, IP address, type of ad served, and date of ad delivery. This information is used to optimize ad campaigns and measure their effectiveness. Web log data may also be used to provide ads about goods and services that are most likely to be of interest to individuals. Web log data is deleted within 180 days of collection.

Interest Segments & Access

We create interest-segments (e.g., Travel Enthusiast or Green Consumers) to help our clients and partners tailor their advertising. You may request to receive information concerning interest-segments that may be associated with you by sending a written request to: Datalogix, Attention: Segment Request, 10075 Westmoor Drive, Westminster, CO 80021. A copy of a state issued photo ID or passport is required to complete your request. Please allow up to 90 days for a response to your request.

Specific Services Provided to Marketers

Datalogix uses data to provide the following specific services:

  • Targeting of direct mail campaigns;
  • Targeting, optimizing and measuring digital (online and mobile) advertising campaigns and websites; and
  • Internal operations, research analysis, and product development.

Disclosures to Third Parties and Onward Transfer

Datalogix does not transfer data identified with residents of the EU to unrelated third parties, except in accordance with the Safe Harbor Privacy Framework. In the event that Datalogix ever needs to transfer data to an unrelated third party, Datalogix will ensure that such party is either subject to the Safe Harbor Agreement, subject to similar laws providing an adequate and equivalent level of privacy protection, or will enter into a written agreement with the third party requiring them to provide protections consistent with the Safe Harbor Privacy Framework and this policy.

Datalogix may share data as described below:

  • Agents and service providers. Datalogix may share data, including PII, with agents and service providers who work on behalf of or with us to provide some aspects of our services including, for analytical purposes, to measure current campaigns or to inform future campaigns. These agents and service providers do not have an independent right to use or share this information.
  • Partners. Datalogix may share data, including PII, with partners to help provide more tailored advertising and for analytical purposes. Datalogix does not share PII with our Digital Ad Serving partners (an entity without consumer relationships that serves advertising on the websites of others).
  • Corporate transfers. If Datalogix is purchased, or assets related to Datalogix are purchased, Datalogix and any data associated with our advertising and measurement products will be transferred.
  • Affiliates. Although Datalogix currently does not have a parent company, any subsidiaries, joint ventures, or other companies under common control (collectively, “Affiliates”), we may in the future. Datalogix may share some or all of the information in our possession including PII and non-PII with these Affiliates.
  • Protection of Datalogix or as required by law. Datalogix may disclose data if we believe that such disclosure is necessary to (a) comply with relevant laws or to respond to subpoenas or warrants served on us; or (b) to protect or otherwise defend the rights, property, or safety of Datalogix or any third party.


Click here to opt out of Datalogix cookie-based digital online advertising. If you elect to opt out, we will set an Ignore Flag that indicates that you have opted out. When a consumer has opted out from Datalogix cookie-based digital advertising, a browser may still receive ads online from parties other than Datalogix. As with all cookie-based advertising, if you delete cookies, install a new browser, or buy a new computer, you will need to opt out again by coming back to this site. If you wish to opt out of interest-based advertising from other companies participating in the Digital Advertising Alliance click here to link to the DAA opt-out tool. If you wish to opt out of all Datalogix-enabled advertising across channels including direct mail, online, mobile and analytic products, use the form below.

  • Complete this form to opt out of all DLX-enabled advertising:

    To process your request to opt out; we require your name, address and email address. Your request will take effect within 30 days for all future campaigns fulfilled by Datalogix.

    * indicates a required field.

    • Please review the information you’ve entered before clicking submit to ensure its accuracy. The information provided will only be used to facilitate the opt out process.
    • Separate opt outs are required for each individual in the household.


Datalogix uses industry standard technologies including cookies or other similar technology. These cookies do not contain any PII and expire after 24 months. This is a sample of some of the encoded elements inside of one of Datalogix’s cookies:

2008061816021441595310018964 2147484672 3901994752 30084913 122572352 29938063 *

Health-Related Segments

Datalogix creates syndicated non-sensitive health data segments as part of our services. These groupings include such segments as Allergy Sufferers (click here for a list of other health related segments).


Datalogix does not knowingly collect any information from or provide services for advertising targeted to children under the age of 13.


Datalogix takes steps to help ensure that our data is housed and transmitted securely. We use multiple layers of security, combining: firewall protection, strictly controlled access, and other security measures to help guard against unauthorized use of data.

Data Integrity

Datalogix preserves data in its original form to the extent possible, consistent with any processing that is directed by clients or necessary to fulfill the services requested by clients.

Your California Privacy Rights

Under California law, organizations are required to provide residents of the State of California access to a privacy policy that gives consumers a choice in the use of certain personal information by third parties for marketing purposes.

If you are a California resident interested in exercising your third party disclosure choices please send us a request to opt-out using the form above. You may alternatively contact us via postal mail at:

10075 Westmoor Dr.
Westminster, CO 80021
Attention: California Privacy

All postal requests must be labeled “California Privacy” on the envelope, post card or subject line. For all requests, please include your name, street address, city, state and zip code. We are not be responsible for notices that are not labeled, are sent improperly, or do not have complete information.


Datalogix has a designated individual who is responsible for the internal supervision of its privacy policies. Datalogix educates relevant employees about compliance with the Safe Harbor Principles and has self-assessment procedures to review our practices and policies. The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) serves as Datalogix’s third-party dispute resolution provider, as required under the Safe Harbor principles.

If you have questions concerning Datalogix’s practices or policies, contact our company at:

Compliance Manager
10075 Westmoor Dr.
Westminster, CO 80021

If your inquiry has not been satisfactorily addressed, you should contact the DMA Safe Harbor Dispute Resolution Program. The DMA will then work with Datalogix to resolve your concerns. You can reach the DMA Safe Harbor Program at:

Attn: Safe Harbor Line
Direct Marketing Association
1615 L Street, NW, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20036-5624
Fax: 202.955.0085

Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, we may update this policy. Please check back for any changes to this policy.

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