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Access the industry’s most granular CPG data

to improve advertising effectiveness and optimize spend

DLX CPG audiences are built from the largest, CPG dataset in the industry.

CPG Data


Get immediate access to the most accurate CPG brand buyers

Now, DLX CPG audiences get even more granular: access our newest segments to connect with known buyers of hundreds of top brands such as Coca-Cola®, Lay’s® and Tide®. Plus, they’re available anytime so you can use them immediately.

Use DLX CPG Brand audiences to:

  • Build loyalty. Target customers without the custom-audience setup time and increase loyalty.
  • Grow Share. Reach your top competitors’ known purchasers.
CPG Frozen Foods

DLX in action
Global frozen foods brand drives 6:1 ROI by tapping into DLX CPG Brand segments. Click here to read the case study.

Click here to see our full list of CPG audiences.


Tap into pre-built and ready-to-use CPG category audiences

DLX CPG Category audiences reflect the market’s top and growing product categories. Combine these categories with any of our brand audiences or use them on their own for the most accurate online targeting available for CPG.

Use DLX CPG category audiences to:

  • Drive trial. Target category buyers to drive trial of new product.
  • Acquire customers. Build awareness of your brand or product among category buyers.
CPG Meds

DLX in action
National brand drives 18% lift in in-season product penetration using DLX CPG Cough and Cold Relief category audience. Click here to read the case study.

Click here to see our full list of CPG audiences.


Create your ideal audience with DLX custom audiences

Partner with DLX for campaigns that reach audiences throughout the marketing life cycle. Build your ideal custom audiences based on known offline behavior, your own 1st–party data or a combination of the two.

Use DLX Custom audiences to:

  • Retain customers. Use your 1st–party data to reach existing customers with DLX OnRamp.
  • Grow share. Build audiences of light brand buyers and heavy category buyers to increase your customer base.

DLX in action
Ahold drives in-store sales with digital advertising using DLX OnRamp and sees a 7:1 ROI. Click here to read the case study.

Measure in-store sales impact with DLX ROI

DLX ROI gives you the ability to accurately measure the in-store sales impact at scale across display, video, mobile and social. The result: you gain actionable insights for future campaign optimization.

CPG Measure Sales Impact

See why leading advertisers are turning to DLX to measure the sales impact of their digital media efforts.