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Acquire, grow, retain, win-back


At Datalogix, we understand the complex structure and dynamics of the financial services industry. That’s why the DLX Database is comprised of many strong financial indicators, giving you the certainty that you’re targeting the right audience.

DLX Finance

With DLX you can:

  • Convert your CRM or prospecting database into an online audience allowing you to deploy your CRM strategies through online advertising
    • Example: Lift DM response rates by reaching prospects online in conjunction with a mailing to their house
  • Use our pre-built syndicated segments to target based on key attributes
    • Example: Estimated home value, estimated net worth, premium credit card holder
  • Build a custom segment in audiences based on our data, your own data or a combination of both
    • Example: Women with HH income of $75k+ with kids approaching college and spends $300+ in Retail per month
  • Measure the sales impact of your digital marketing efforts with DLX ROI offline sales lift analysis