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Build sustainable loyalty online


Your customers are spending 25% of their time online*. Are your CRM strategies aligned with their media consumption? Do you need to tighten budgets and shift from costly direct mail? Bring your loyalty and CRM strategies online and create a truly customer-centric, cross-channel strategy for your brand.

With DLX you can:

  • Convert your loyalty program database into an online audience allowing you to deploy your CRM strategies through online advertising
    • Example: Segment and reach members that haven’t provided an email address, recently lapsed, about to reach a program milestone
  • Build a custom segment based on our data, your own data or a combination of both
    • Example: Create “spend-a-like” prospect audience based on your own best customers
  • Leverage our comprehensive database to append, score or segment your customers into actionable insights
    • Example: Append attributes such as discretionary income, online propensity, Retail spend, etc.
  • Measure each campaigns impact back to sales and behaviors across all channels with DLX ROI offline sales lift analysis

*eMarketer, March, 2011