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Are you measuring what matters?

With more than 94% of consumer spending still occurring offline, online metrics alone are ineffective at understanding the purchase impact of digital spend. At Datalogix we measure the offline sales impact across all digital channels, helping brands improve advertising effectiveness and optimize spend.

Measure what matters most to your brand:

DLX ROI campaign analysis

Measure the sales impact at scale to optimize future campaigns.

  • Targeting effectiveness
  • Total sales lift & ROI
  • Media delivery summary
  • Sales impact breakdown
  • Creative & frequency impact
  • Robust buyer-profile analysis

DLX ROI audience analysis

Score actionable insights into the value of your audiences (website visitors, CRM file, fans, etc.)

  • Spend segmentation
  • Brand penetration
  • Cohort analysis
  • Demographic distribution
  • Geographic distribution

DLX Connect:

  • Produce advanced customer profile reports in minutes and view detailed insights including demographics, purchase behavior and more
  • Optimize campaign strategies by exploring audience profiles, comparing customer segments and evaluating media sources